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The Gardens

About Our Gardens


The gardens provide the perfect, relaxed ambiance for your guests—making your special wedding day very special indeed.

The fountain and gardens are  laced with benches and natural granite walkways molding the sunny ranch into a one of a kind blissful garden.

As you explore the fragrances of hundreds of plants and flowers mix lightly with those of the surrounding orange groves and mandarin trees.

Picturesque landscaping, arbors, and decor throughout the space provide you with luxurious opportunities to pose for your wedding albums.


BrideGroom Amenities

A beautiful white arbor on the raised pergola embraces the wedding party as a glorious altar among the colorful greenery transforming the gardens into a lush and living theater, with all eyes focused on the bride and groom.

Two large arbors of native plants provide pleasant shade and dancing glimmers of sunlight for your reception or dinner. Dinner under these extravagant vines and slowly spinning ceiling fans provide a gorgeous setting to begin your life together with the support and love of friends and family all around you.

The bride will appreciate the private quarters of the garden’s bridal dressing room as she and her bridesmaids prepare for the walk down the aisle (based on availability).

Your guests will also enjoy strolling the landscaped gardens with many labeled native flowers and plants, and pausing to listen to the sounds of dancing water in the fountains.


Our gardens provide a beautiful and elegant place to celebrate
with peace and serenity or have a grand celebration to glorify newly weds!


Security is required at all events. Where alcohol is present, security is required at a ratio of 1 guard per 100 guests. Security will be booked on the renter’s behalf for a fee of $150 per guard.